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Tompkins Robotics is a global leader in the robotic automation of distribution operations and focused on the robotic automation of distribution operations. Our primary system, tSort, consists of autonomous mobile robots that sort a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points. tSort is the world’s first portable, automated material handling sortation system that is creating a huge paradigm shift in the supply chain and how the basic distribution function of order fulfillment is accomplished. Bring your talents to Tompkins Robotics to discover a challenging and rewarding career, and be a part of the robotic revolution.

Marketing Coordinator

Group: Tompkins Robotics
Location: Orlando, FL | Atlanta, GA | Remote
Position Type: Full Time | Exempt

The Marketing Design Coordinator is a key role responsible for helping develop marketing strategy and implementation. Planning, organizing, controlling, and implementing of marketing programs, policies, strategies, and tactics designed to create and satisfy the demand for Tompkins Robotics product offerings and services. Creative design, coordination, and maintenance of the company’s different marketing channels to grow the company business.

Position reporting to the Director of Business Development and Marketing

Essential Job Functions:
• Develop creative advertising, branding, videos, social media, and trade show booth & material o   –  – Prefer candidate to have the ability to create logos, advertisements, videos but managing 3rd party vendors to perform tasks is an option based on candidate

• Digital Marketing Skills and Digital Marketing Management Skills
– UX Design Skills – identify and guide great, effective, and compelling UX design. You need to master the art of creating A/B tests and optimizing the usability of the site.

– Social media skills- social media is where brands need to be, to reach a tremendous, interested and engaged audience. Along with creating posts and helping them go viral, an understanding of each platform:

– When to post
– Which platforms to post on
– Which types of content best engage with your target audience
– How to leverage paid social media promotion _
– How to utilize social channels’ analytics programs

• Content management skills- optimized for the many digital channels; email, paid promotion on search engines and social channels (PPC), etc. You must ensure that the content your team creates is engaging, credible and viral so that potential new and existing customers can’t help but click through and learn more.

• Effectively guide content creation, the use of dedicated apps and social media tools, and the latest social media trends.

• Ability to Research Material Handling, Logistics and Robotics Industry o Partnerships, Competitors, Trade Shows, Publications, Market Trends, etc.

• Responding to, Defining, and Achieving Deadlines Required Skills:

• Writing & Copywriting Capabilities

• Ad Creation/Graphic Design Software Abilities (example software: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator)

• Web Site Design, Digital Marketing Management and UX Design Skills

• Video & Editing Talents (example software: Premiere or Final Cut)

• Social Media Management

• HubSpot & NetSuite Knowledge preferred

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) skills

• Lead and Direct Third-party vendors

• Organizational and time management skills