The rise in consumer demand on goods and services in the last decades have pushed global commerce and trade and have fueled the constant innovation to meet the increasing expectations at every level. And while e-commerce was already booming prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, experts credit the virus with further accelerating the shift to online shopping by approximately five years. This impact could not be felt any greater than in the technological advancements that have enabled e-commerce and contribute to its growth. tSort™ AMR solution is an ideal tool to enable your very own uni-channel supply chain infrastructure. Our robotic suite offers a solution for almost every application in e-commerce and our product is integrated with our robust warehouse execution software and our decades of knowledge and experience in supply chain automation implementation.

Wide Range of Unit Handling

tSort™ offers multiple tray and crossbelt designs, optimized for different products, that can be easily changed, resulting in a broader range of product handling compared to traditional systems.


tSort™ can grow as your eCommerce business evolves by adding more sort points to increase the number of orders that a be filled in a day and by adding more robots to increase the throughput.

Reduced Capital Investment

Whether picking via automated goods to person technologies or manually, the batch efficiencies driven by tSort™ results in a lower total fulfillment capital investment.


Flexible, modular, and portable – switch sort plans on the fly, add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, “Lift and Shift” capabilities allows moves to other sites.

Labor Reduction

Reduces labor dramatically – Batch picking with tSort™ consolidation is 50% of traditional store order fulfillment.

Fastest ROI

tSort™ provides the fastest ROI of any automated system on the market. It is lower cost, faster to deploy, labor efficient to operate, and easy to maintain, resulting in a quicker realization of investments.

Tompkins Robotics’ role in Nordstrom’s industry-leading approach to automation.