Pharmaceutical Fulfillment

Pharmaceutical distribution is a rapidly evolving landscape.  Distributors are challenged with developing the distribution network the best meets patient needs, minimizes the cost of distribution, correctly manages inventory efficiently, and can be rapidly deployed and modified to this landscape. 

Yesterday’s networks are being re-evaluated to determine the best mix of instore, mail-order, local central fill, and mega central fill operations. 

– The tSort™ product line from Tompkins Robotics provides pharmaceutical distributors with solutions to fit a wide variety of their fulfillment requirements.   

– The slim tSort™ mini provides an excellent solution for order consolidation of multiple individual prescriptions to a single order consolidation destination or for sorting prescription bags to a store tote for customer pick-up. 

– The standard tSort™ is an excellent application for mail order shipping sortation.  And the tSort+™ can be used for a wide variety of case sorting requirements. 

– The larger tSort+™ can be used for a wide variety of case sorting requirements to include inbound sortation.  

– The xChange robot can be used for automated extraction of totes from a tSort system for delivery to the next downstream process. 

The tSort™ system can handle a variety of shapes and sizes of pharmaceutical products for your fulfillment needs.

tsort stats

• Traditionally, central fill pharmacy operations consisted of independent work cells.  

• These work cells are linked together with tote and puck handling conveyors and operate in a sequential process flow.  

• Multi order prescriptions are processed one at a time and passed along from work cell to work cell until the order is complete. 

• tSort links the operating cells together, creating the opportunity to streamline order fulfillment with parallel process flows, providing significant performance improvements.  

central fill


Flexible, modular and portable – Can be configured to any set of requirements, add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, move to another site overnight.


tSort™ can grow as your eCommerce business evolves by adding more sort points to increase the number of orders that a be filled in a day and by adding more robots to increase the throughput capacity.

Reduced Capital Investment

Whether picking via automated goods to person technologies or manually, the batch efficiencies driven by tSort™ results in a lower total fulfillment capital investment.


Flexible, modular, and portable – switch sort plans on the fly, add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, “Lift and Shift” capabilities allows moves to other sites.

Labor Reduction

Reduces labor dramatically – Batch picking with tSort™ consolidation is 50% or better of traditional unit sortation systems.

Quick Deployment

Modular and mobile design results in the fastest deployment of any automated sortation system on the market.  Following the successful roll out of the initial site, future sites can be up and running in under 4 months from contract signature.

Watch the video below to learn more about the robust applications and unique capabilities of the tSort™ system.