A Fulfillment Network With A Good Return On Investment

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Thompson Brockmann
Thompson Brockmann

More and more often, supply chain executives are being asked to do what was at one time, deemed impossible.  Today we are being asked to proactively build a cost conscience fulfillment and distribution network that is agile and adaptable such that it could be completely reactive in today’s environment that is filled with disruption, quickly evolving and filled with uncertainty.

How can we be both proactive and reactive at the same time and how do we prepare for the unknown?  In the past, this meant many months of analyzing forecasts, developing alternative scenarios and plotting out sensitivity analysis to calculate the perfect return on investment (ROI) around sets of static situations for a solution, taking years to build out.  These methods are flawed in today’s climate due to the facts that:

  • The life spans of forecasts are shorter than ever.
  • It is not possible to predict disruption.
  • The pace of change results in realities that were never modeled for ROIs, therefore making the traditional economic evaluations ineffective.

This is why we developed the t-Sort system.  The t-Sort system is the first automated fulfillment solutions that allows supply chain executives to meet the conflicting goals of being both proactive and reactive.  It is a high-performance system that delivers significant operation cost savings and speed of delivery, while allow complete flexibility, adaptability and agility in fulfillment operations.  By being completely modular and configurable, operators can grow the system as volume requires, reconfigure the system to adapt to evolving business requirements and even split the system to relocate, merge or expand capabilities across an entire distribution network.

t-Sort is the first system that truly delivers ROI not just for its intended design, but also across a wide range of results that are common in today’s dynamic supply chain environment.

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