Initial Results with MonarchFx

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International, has just released its newest video, Initial Results with MonarchFx. This is the second video of the series, Get to know MonarchFx, the first video of the series discusses MonarchFx’s benefits for retailers, brands, and consumers. View the second creative, clever, animated video that explains the sales performance benefits when using the MonarchFx distributed logistics ecosystem. 

MonarchFx leverages the power of distributed logistics, a fully integrated and optimized network of two or more fulfillment centers operated in unison to maximize sales and customer delivery service levels, while at the same time minimizing transportation costs and inventory proliferation. This provides a strategic advantage to exceed customer expectations in the order to delivery cycle and drive additional sales, as aminated throughout the video.

MonarchFx provides special technologies along with its unique operations. One of these technologies is the MonarchFx Seller Platform (MSP). The MSP is a web-enabled/cloud-based application, middleware, and integration-layer. It is designed to be used as a seller user-interface and a single point of integration between the MonarchFx information technology suite and the seller’s business systems. The MSP enables direct sign-up for MonarchFx fulfillment services, access to seller fulfillment data, information, and metrics, as well as the portal to all of the MonarchFx applications via API web-services and many other common integration protocols.

Another beneficial technology is the Distributed Inventory Flow Forecasting (DIFF) model. DIFF is customized for individual sellers. Some features include an initial allocation of inventories (at SKU levels), ongoing demand forecasting models that are based on state-of-the-art algorithms with user inputs on promos, flash sales, new products, sales lifts, and more, and replenishment advisory schedules for sellers when SKUs reach thresholds and need to be replenished. DIFF optimizes sellers’ inventories based on flow, not traditional inventory storage practices. It also uses artificial intelligence for continuous improvement.

MonarchFx has also partnered with Delivery Circle, providing same-day deliveries at normal next-day rates. Delivery Circle is getting more popular with their unique technology, flexible delivery vehicles, and 100-mile same day range. This service provides significant operational advantages. 

View Initial Results with MonarchFx, to better understand MonarchFx’s benefits, helping to drive sales performance, eliminating capital investment, and adding multiple applications through state-of-the-art technologies. MonarchFx is the whole package and has best in class integrated systems capability.

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In response to COVID-19 and limiting travel, Tompkins Robotics is now offering interactive virtual tours using a variety of stationary and roaming cameras throughout the facility.  We have the capability to demonstrate five t-Sort systems with various configurations, robots and functionalities.  The main demonstration system includes three different induction types: manual, robotic and A-frame.  Our systems are capable of e-commerce order fulfillment, store replenishment, backroom and parcel / postal sortation.  We can demonstrate the original t-Sort robotic system in multiple dual level configurations and an elevator system to move robots between the levels.  Our larger t-Sort Plus robots run on single level systems with both tilt tray and crossbelt options.  In the very near future we will demonstrate the new t-Sort Mini in an additional system. We have a wide variety of inventory to demonstrate products including general merchandise, apparel, grocery, fragile goods, odd sizes and shapes and a wide range of product weights.  You will also have a chance to learn about the technologies that are integrated into our system such as automated induction, automated charging, integrated weight and dimension capture, our proprietary wireless network and Warehouse Execution System (WES), new innovations such as our automated sorter exit solution and more.  And if mobility and flexibility are important to you, we can demonstrate how easy it is to reconfigure a system, remove or add a sort table, and even fold a table into a smaller footprint for move or transport.