Manufacturing Tomorrow: Lowering the Barrier of Entry to Robotics With RaaS

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Q&A with Mike Futch, CEO | Tompkins Robotics

How many warehouses are utilizing robotics/automation today?

Of the estimated 20,000 warehouses in the US, only 20% use some level of automation be it conveyor, robotics, automated storage retrieval systems “ASRS”, automated guided vehicles “AGVs”, or autonomous mobile robots “AMRs”.   The fastest growing automation solutions are with AMRs and robotics.  The robotics sector is anticipated grow annually at a CAGR above 11% for the next five years.  With the shift in consumer habits and rise in E-Commerce and direct to consumer purchasing, Fortune 100 companies are forced to find a way to become faster and more efficient.  Adopting automation has been the solution to increased customer expectations and demands.  Smaller companies are slower to adopt new technology and automation is not necessarily the right solution for all firms.

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