Supply Chain Industry Executives Reveal Top Labor Challenges and Solutions

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

A group of supply chain executives met over breakfast at this year’s Supply Chain Leadership Forum to share their views, experiences and current challenges. As it turns out, one topic was viewed so serious that it dominated the discussion. The question was, “How are you attracting and retaining top talent amidst the current labor shortage?”

The executives represented several industries, including retail, eCommerce, consumer products, and wholesalers. All agreed that the labor shortage is challenging and impacts all processes of their supply chains. The most common challenges identified were:

  • With the labor demand at an all-time high and eCommerce showing no signs of slowing down, workers have the upper hand in the employment relationship today.
  • With companies under constant pressure to reduce costs, wage increases are not readily available.
  • Turnover is often a problem, as competitors can offer higher salaries and other enticements.

To learn more about the executives’ specific challenges as well as the solutions they are employing in their workplaces, read the full discussion in this article Industry Executives Met at the Supply Chain Leadership Forum to Discuss Common Challenges and Solutions.

Please be sure to join the discussion at next year’s Supply Chain Leadership Forum. Your insight could provide knowledge to the other supply chain executives attending.

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