How Can Robotic Automation Help Alleviate Labor Shortages?

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

How does Robotic automation overcome the perception that it only eliminates jobs?

In the past evaluating automation was typically about the Return On Investment (ROI), but more and more companies are considering automation because they are not able to staff their current manual operations. Projects that most often focused on cost reduction are increasingly focused on the ability to get orders to customers, particularly in peak seasons. Attendees at recent tradeshows have noticed a considerable increase in the offerings of automated solutions. The potential solutions include a wide range of equipment types from the more traditional conveyors and sortation to more complex robots that have the ability to pick products from a shelf. The key to successfully reducing the need for manual labor is thoroughly vetting the various types of automation. Just because a certain type of equipment “typically reduces labor” does not mean it is the right fit and will have the same success in your operation. Careful consideration of product types and order profile must be taken in selection of the right solution.

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