PickPal: What It Does and Why You Should Care

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Tompkins Robotics recently launched the PickPal line of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These innovative new tools are designed to save your team time and energy while getting products in your customers’ hands faster – all of which is essential for success in today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

There are currently two PickPal models available: the standard PickPal and PickPal+. These robots transport goods from one place to another within the warehouse, helping your team operate more efficiently and minimize errors.

There are also new models on the way soon with even more revolutionary features to speed up the pick and pack process. Read on to learn more about the exciting new PickPal line and how these robotic order fulfillment solutions will help your warehouse operate more efficiently.

About PickPal – What Does It Do? 

PickPal uses autonomous technology to support various workflows for warehouse workers.. The AMR  software builds optimal pick-path routes throughout the warehouse based on intelligent allocation logic of orders that need to be filled. Workers are guided through tasks using an intuitive user interface and will pick and load products onto the PickPal, which then transports them autonomously to the next downstream station (i.e. packing, VAS, QA, etc.).

PickPal comes with a variety of shelving configurations to support many different types of products. The standard PickPal has a maximum payload of 220 pounds, while PickPal+ has a maximum payload of 440 pounds.

This AMR technology is designed to be scalable. Warehouses can implement a network of multiple PickPals, which work together to streamline routes and ultimately handle a larger delivery volume.

Additionally, Tompkins is currently developing advanced PickPal models that will offer an even higher capacity. These models will also use automated technology to assist operators, which will further drive efficiency, improve capacity, minimize errors and lower operating costs.

The Pain Points It Solves

Demands on warehouse staff are higher than ever as the e-commerce market grows. Consumers are choosing to order products online rather than purchase from brick-and-mortar locations, and labor shortages have made it difficult for shipping companies to keep up. This often means that a limited number of staff members are juggling a huge number of orders.

PickPal eases this pain by potentially increasing worker productivity by a staggering 200 to 300 percent. When workers no longer have to waste time transporting bulky orders between different parts of the warehouse, they instead focus on processing orders more efficiently.

PickPal’s robotic order fulfillment technology also reduces picking errors and helps staff manage large and complicated orders more efficiently. This means more happy customers and fewer returns to manage.

Additionally, PickPal optimizes order grouping by strategically developing pick-path routing. Not only does this speed up shipments, but it also reduces confusion and errors by standardizing the path that products take through the warehouse. On top of that, PickPal helps reduce staffing and training costs by helping warehouses operate with a smaller team.

Why You Should Consider Switching (Soon)

If you haven’t already implemented Robots as a Service (RaaS) in your warehouse, now’s the time to consider it. Adding this advanced technology to your business model will help you keep up with increased demand across the e-commerce landscape.

We’ve already mentioned some of the ways that PickPal eliminates common warehouse challenges. However, these aren’t the only benefits that PickPal offers.

PickPal has minimal implementation costs and a very low cost of ownership, making it a financially efficient way to speed up your warehouse operations and increase your delivery volumes. Additionally, it integrates well with a wide variety of warehouse technologies you’re already using, making it easy to implement into your existing workflow.

3PLs and e-commerce companies are facing more competition than ever. Implementing RaaS technology like PickPal helps your organization stay ahead of the game.

What Makes Tompkins Robotics an Ideal Partner

Tompkins Robotics is leading the robotics revolution across the supply chain. We offer a wide variety of innovative robotic order fulfillment solutions that are cost-efficient and easy to implement. Our solutions are also highly customizable, so you can adjust them to your warehouse’s unique needs.

Tompkins Robotics is at the forefront of RaaS technology for warehouses, and we’re constantly developing new ways to streamline the picking and sortation process. When you work with us, you get access to the newest technology to help your supply chain strategy reach its full potential.

Pair your PickPal with a variety of other robotic solutions, including the tSort unit sortation system and our XChange container replacement robot. Our full suite of robotic tools works together to maximize your warehouse’s potential.

Learn More About the PickPal Product Line

If your warehouse is in need of cost-efficient pick and pack solutions, consider adding PickPal to your supply chain strategy. This robotic technology uses Tompkins Robotics’ core design elements to produce adaptive, flexible, and scalable solutions.

Get in touch today to learn more about our innovative RaaS solutions.