Tompkins Robotics Receives 2020 NextGen Supply Chain Solution Provider Award

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Tompkins International business unit is designated Robotics category winner by Supply Chain Management Review

RALEIGH, N.C. Tompkins Robotics has been selected as a recipient of the 2nd annual NextGen Supply Chain Awards. Tompkins Robotics was one of five solution providers recognized by Supply Chain Management Review for utilizing technologies that will shape tomorrow’s supply chains.

“It is an honor to be recognized for our advancements in robotics,” said Jim Tompkins, chairman and CEO of Tompkins International. “This award is a testament to our team’s ability to take a concept and turn it into a major force in the marketplace.”

Since launching in 2017, Tompkins Robotics has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions for distribution operations. Its flagship product, t-Sort, is a portable, scalable robotic sortation system that operates similar to a tilt tray or crossbelt sorter without a fixed track, with free moving robots that use the shortest route possible to sort items and packages by shipping order, destination or service level. Tompkins Robotics’ AMR suite also features the t-Sort Mini for sorting small and lightweight items, as well as the t-Sort Plus, which is capable of handling items up to 66 pounds—six times the weight of the original t-Sort solution.

“Warehouse automation is increasingly vital today, with the ongoing labor shortage and customer expectations for rapid delivery at an all-time high,” said Mike Futch, president of Tompkins Robotics. “Our t-Sort AMR suite provides companies with a fully modular, scalable solution that can adapt to growing customer and market demands with shorter lead times and a lower capital investment than traditional sortation systems.”

Tompkins Robotics’ award-winning t-Sort system is used by some of the world’s top retailers and shippers, which together represent more than $1 trillion in annual revenue and include retail, e-commerce, 3PL, and package/postal channels. The company also integrates with key partners to grow its overall offering on its goal of providing dock to dock robotic automation in logistics facilities.

The 2020 NextGen Supply Chain Awards will be presented during the NextGen Supply Chain Conference, April 27-29 in Chicago. In addition to receiving the award, Tompkins Robotics President Mike Futch will participate in a Solution Provider Awards Panel moderated by Bob Trebilcock, editorial director of Supply Chain Management Review, on April 28.

About Tompkins Robotics

Tompkins Robotics, a business unit of Tompkins International, is focused on the robotic automation of distribution operations. Our primary system, t-Sort, consists of autonomous mobile robots that sort a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points. t-Sort is a portable, automated material handling sortation system that is creating a huge paradigm shift in the supply chain and how the basic distribution function of order fulfillment is accomplished. We continue to expand this core system with complementary robotic systems to automate processes in fulfillment operations. Our systems maximize performance with mobile, scalable and flexible robotics solutions that grow and change on demand to meet customer needs. We create profit and value for our clients; making them more agile and adaptable to the highly dynamic changes in the marketplace. For more information, please visit