Tompkins International Announces 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Join the 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum to connect, share, and learn from top supply chain executives.

Raleigh, NC - Tompkins International announces the 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum will be held in Pinehurst, North Carolina from May 4-6, 2020 at The Carolina Hotel. The purpose of the Supply Chain Leadership Forum is to bring supply chain executives together from a wide range of industries to connect, share, and learn.  The topics of discussion relate to supply chain, business strategies, and operations.  Supply chain executives from all major industries are in attendance, including retail, consumer products, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and select service providers.

The 2019 event included Siemens hosting a live demonstration of original equipment manufacturer digitalization tools, including a multi-carrier system with fine motion control and delta pickers, along with digital twin and virtual commissioning on individual screens. Peter Millar hosted an exclusive tour of their newest distribution center.  Some of the equipment that was seen on the tour included multi-level pick module, garment on hanger, high density deck rack storage, drive roller, narrow belt sorters, scanners, work platforms, and spiral chutes.  Chris Sultemeier, former Head of Logistics for Walmart, was another great addition to this year’s Forum.  Sultemeier discussed his 28-year career at the world’s largest retailer, providing a lot of insight on operations both domestically and internationally.

Another highlight of every Supply Chain Leadership Forum is the keynote given by Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International and MonarchFx.  This year, Tompkins addressed how organizations can succeed and flourish in these uncertain times, explaining the disruption cycle, the level of organizational chaos, and how the volatility of global economies is forcing organizations to deal with an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Unfortunately, many organizations are not comfortable dealing with uncertainty.  Therefore, organizations continue to develop strategies, structures, and solutions according to a theoretical view of the Steady State.  The reality is the Steady State is an obsolete concept that vanished at the beginning of the digital revolution.  Tompkins explained new ways to think about and develop anti-brittle strategies, structures, and solutions, helping organizations evolve today. He further discussed how to achieve success, profitability, and growth under today’s supply chain conditions.  Tompkins stated, “The key to success is to be flexible, modular, portable, agile, and available on demand while operating efficiently over a wide range of requirements; organizations must have anti-brittle solutions.”

“This year’s event was outstanding with new thought leadership, awesome attendees, and a host of great activities, where everybody had a chance to connect and learn from each other. I believe next year’s event will be even better with new speakers and events being added to the line-up,” says Jim Tompkins

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Tompkins International is a supply chain consulting and implementation firm that maximizes supply chain performance and value creation.  It enables clients to be more profitable and valuable, while also becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptive to the marketplace.  Tompkins collaborates with client teams to develop improved operations strategies, supply chain planning, and execution across all the Mega Processes of supply chains (PLAN-BUY-MAKE-MOVE-DISTRIBUTE-SELL).  Tompkins is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia. For more information visit:

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MonarchFx, a Tompkins International company, is an alliance of leading logistics service providers, supply chain technology providers, and partners, managed by experienced executives, that provides world-class logistics and fulfillment solutions through an innovative logistics ecosystem.  It serves retailers, brands, and other sellers with multiple fulfillment channels, providing speed, quality, and efficiency, operating with distributed logistics centers for nationwide coverage, allowing for same-day delivery.  It is high-service, facilitated by advanced robotics, analytics, and artificial intelligence methods for inventory allocation. For more information visit:

In response to COVID-19 and limiting travel, Tompkins Robotics is now offering interactive virtual tours using a variety of stationary and roaming cameras throughout the facility.  We have the capability to demonstrate five t-Sort systems with various configurations, robots and functionalities.  The main demonstration system includes three different induction types: manual, robotic and A-frame.  Our systems are capable of e-commerce order fulfillment, store replenishment, backroom and parcel / postal sortation.  We can demonstrate the original t-Sort robotic system in multiple dual level configurations and an elevator system to move robots between the levels.  Our larger t-Sort Plus robots run on single level systems with both tilt tray and crossbelt options.  In the very near future we will demonstrate the new t-Sort Mini in an additional system. We have a wide variety of inventory to demonstrate products including general merchandise, apparel, grocery, fragile goods, odd sizes and shapes and a wide range of product weights.  You will also have a chance to learn about the technologies that are integrated into our system such as automated induction, automated charging, integrated weight and dimension capture, our proprietary wireless network and Warehouse Execution System (WES), new innovations such as our automated sorter exit solution and more.  And if mobility and flexibility are important to you, we can demonstrate how easy it is to reconfigure a system, remove or add a sort table, and even fold a table into a smaller footprint for move or transport.