Tompkins Robotics Presents New Induction System and A Multi-Function Sorter at ProMat

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Orlando, FL, March 20, 2023- Tompkins Robotics is expanding its robotic solution offerings and will be introducing its new Induction Lift and a new multi-function robotic sortation system at ProMat. Attendees of ProMat can see demonstrations of these systems in the Tompkins Robotics ProMat Booth N7140 from the 20th-24th. These two robotic technologies follow Tompkins Robotics core design elements of producing adaptive, flexible, and scalable solutions.

Tompkins Robotics new Induction Lift system is a creative and simple way to improve the ergonomics, speed, and range of induction to our tSort system. This latest automated technology solution allows an operator to induct to multiple levels of our AMR sortation from a single station at induction. The Induction Lift eliminates the need for pre-sorting of items and allows for a larger, more efficient batch pick process upstream of the order sortation process. The solution provides a better ergonomic working environment that adjusts to each operator, making them more comfortable and productive for longer. Safety features protecting the operator further demonstrate the system’s design intent of integrating employees with technology to enhance the entire sortation process. This system allows us to stack our tSort AMR sortation system in up to 5 levels when used in tandem with our existing automated order container removal and replacement AMR, xChange. Now, adding sort destinations can be accomplished in the same footprint. Other contributors to a customer’s return on investment can be seen in the ability to attract and keep good labor. Incorporating new automated technology with the workforce is always a major consideration for companies investing to upgrade their operations.

The Multi-Function robotic sorter system is unique and revolutionary. The award winning tSort system has been modified to do item sortation to orders and the outbound shipping of packed orders in a single system. In a typical tSort system there are 2 more levels of AMR sortation. The Multi-Function system sorts the items going to unique orders on one level of a tSort system and sorts the outbound parcels on another level. This changes the game for most operations as all the space, cost, material handling systems, and much of the labor to move consolidated orders to and through packing to the shipping system is eliminated. This solution has both the order fulfillment and the outbound shipping in the same footprint and system as opposed to traditional sites where expensive, space consuming conveyor systems move orders to and from packing. The savings in space and capital are tremendous. With the addition of automated packaging solutions, the gain in capacity, cost reduction, and process improvement is even greater.

“An operator just needs to place an item on to the Induction Lift and the item gets to the proper level and correct order that can be located anywhere in a tSort system. This greatly enhances the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the picking and sortation process”, comments Tompkins Robotics’ President & CEO, Mike Futch. He goes on to add, “The ability to sort items and outbound customer parcels in the same system is a breakthrough in technology and will be a game changer in the ecommerce fulfillment industry. Shippers can achieve huge benefits through reductions in cost, space and complexity with the Multi-Function sorter.”

Tompkins Robotics continues to develop technologies and new applications that evolve the picking and sortation process helping increase the capacity and utilization of their customers’ distribution and fulfillment centers. Tompkins Robotics will be demonstrating all the products and systems at ProMat, Booth N7140, as well as in the Tompkins Robotics’ Lab in Orlando, FL. For additional information or to arrange a demonstration of the Induction Lift please visit Media are invited to meet with Tompkins Robotics representatives during the product launch press conference at Booth N7140 on Tuesday, March 21st at 1:30 PM. Contact Lauren Fiochetta at for more information.

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Tompkins Robotics focuses on robotic automation of distribution and fulfillment operations. Beginning over five years ago with our robotic sortation solution, tSort™, we have continued to develop innovative solutions to provide our customers’ unmatched flexibility and capacity throughout their supply chain processes. We have added solutions upstream, like our Pick Assist AMR, PickPal, as well as downstream, with the only automated takeaway unit from a unit sorter robot, xChange. Our warehouse execution systems, tWES, links all these technologies and provides a broad solution set for our customers. Tompkins Robotics continues to evolve and enhance our customers’ operations with solutions that maximize modularity, floorspace, flexibility, and speed of implementation and our RaaS financing option allows for customers to see an even faster ROI to make them more successful in todays’ dynamic marketplace. Additional information available at