PickPal Webinar – 6.29.23

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Check out this informative virtual webinar on the topic of “Harnessing Collaborative AMRs for Efficient Order Fulfillment and Continuous Improvement” hosted by Tompkins Robotics. We are excited to share valuable insights and knowledge about this crucial aspect of our industry.

During this webinar, our panelist Tony Villanova of Tompkins Robotics and moderator Roberto Michel took a deep dive into the benefits, technologies, and real-world applications of our PickPal AMR in today’s omnichannel warehouse environments. Discover how AMRs are optimizing order fulfillment processes, reducing labor cost, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall operational efficiencies. Gain valuable insight into the collaborative role that PickPal will play alongside human workers allowing for optimal flexibility and scalability with your business.