Tompkins Robotics GroceryShop 21 Video

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Tompkins Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions to global customers. We utilize innovative technology to facilitate Micro-Fulfillment for the Grocery Industry.

Tompkins Robotics have developed and deployed the world’s most flexible, robotic sortation system, tSort, a revolutionary unit and parcel sortation system. tSort uses technology that is unique and proprietary for our large customer base which includes 9 of the top 30 US retailers. This new and innovative robotic technology helps build world-class supply chains while providing unmatched flexibility and throughput. Our systems accomplish volumes ranging from small operations in the backroom of a grocery store to large fulfillment centers processing millions of units a day.

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