Tompkins Robotics Presents xChange

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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

Tompkins Robotics has teamed with IAM Robotics to provide another industry original, xChange™. Typically a unit sorter system has an associate take the items out of an accumulation chute or mixed order destination, place the units into unique order containers and then place the containers on a takeaway conveyor. Now, for the first time ever, a fully automated unit sortation system can be paired with our autonomous tote exchange robot, further reducing the costs of distribution in a fulfillment center. When combined with Tompkins Robotics’ end to end fulfillment capabilities, including goods to person inventory delivery, pick and place induction robotics, tSort and the new tote exchange system we can now deliver major labor savings, better fulfillment control, and the industries quickest ROI.

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