Store Replenishment

Since the advent of modern distribution and fulfillment, retailers have looked at innovation and technology to increase throughput while reducing cost and errors in their final product sortation from DC to store or wholesale channels. Enter industry 4.0 and maintain your competitive edge with the tSort™ robotic application for each and innerpack sortation that provides a modular, scalable, high throughput and low operating cost solution. tSort™ AMR solution has faster design and deployment cycle when compared to traditional automation, runs on a robust and proprietary WES software platform and is supported by one of the leading supply chain engineering companies worldwide.

Shelf ready replenishment

tSort™ can be combined with a wide range of picking solutions, from manual to fully automated goods to persons systems, for larger, more efficient waving and batching.

Crossdock Sortation

Facilitates sortation of inbound product with an immediate allocation to store directly to the outbound shipping containers.

Reduced Capital Investment

Whether picking via automated goods to person technologies or manually, the batch efficiencies driven by tSort™ results in a lower total fulfillment capital investment.


Flexible, modular, and portable – switch sort plans on the fly, add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, “Lift and Shift” capabilities allows moves to other sites.

Labor Reduction

Reduces labor dramatically – Batch picking with tSort™ consolidation is 50% of traditional store order fulfillment.

Wide Range of Unit Handling

tSort™ offers multiple tray and crossbelt designs, optimized for different products, that can be easily changed, resulting in a broader range of product handling compared to traditional systems.

Watch the video below to learn more about about the flexible capabilities of the tSort™ system for store replenishment.

Watch the video below to learn more about the robust applications and unique capabilities of the tSort™ system.