Today’s Business Challenges


  • – It’s hard to find enough people to pick items predictably
  • – 20-30% absenteeism is common
    – 36% annual turnover is average
    – Crippling local competition between warehouses is frequent

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  • – Dynamic changes in channels, volumes, products, order requirements.
  • – Flexibility
  • – Ease & speed to implement, reconfigure, scale up modularly

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Wide Range of Unit Handling

tSort™ offers multiple tray and crossbelt designs, optimized for different products, that can be easily changed, resulting in a broader range of product handling compared to traditional systems.

Manage Seasonal Demand

tSort™ can be set up and operating in just a few days to enable flexible processing of seasonal returns and then stored or repurposed for order fulfillment.

Reduced Capital Investment

Whether picking via automated goods to person technologies or manually, the batch efficiencies driven by tSort™ results in a lower total fulfillment capital investment.


Flexible, modular, and portable – switch sort plans on the fly, add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, “Lift and Shift” capabilities allows moves to other sites.

Labor Reduction

Reduces labor dramatically – Batch picking with tSort™ consolidation is 50% of traditional store order fulfillment.

Infrastructure Friendly

Its modular design eliminates extensive and lengthy facility investments and trims installation and commissioning timelines from months to days. Can be deployed in almost any existing space.

Watch the video below to learn more about the robust applications and unique capabilities of the tSort™ system.