Less Investment – 1/10 of the price of the ASRS style solutions.

Less Space – 1/10 of the space of the ASRS solutions.

Faster Deployments – No permitting, no construction, and modular installation results in 1/10 of the traditional system schedule.

Higher Throughput – Flexible design is not limited to pick port constraints experienced in the goods to person systems.

Industry’s fastest ROI – Its lower costs, faster deployment, operational efficiencies result in a quicker realization of investments.


Tompkins Robotics has developed a unique and effective tSort solution for micro-fulfillment that is quickly deployed, greatly lowers labor and cost, increases speed and accuracy and costs a fraction of the typical ASRS type solution. The entire system fits in existing backroom space, in a row of existing pallet rack, with no construction and no expansion costs. The system is portable, requires no permits and can be quickly assembled and installed within a week. Our micro-fulfillment solution enhances a site with an existing ASRS system, and it is a better solution than ASRS for a single store. The system is also designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with xPress to provide overhead transport of goods to and from the selling floor, eliminating floor congestion, reducing labor further, eliminating human interaction and adding incremental ROI. With our unique collaborative vendor partnerships for MFC, we can deploy in a dark store or micro location with a Goods-to-Person AMR systems. Our comprehensive solutions allow a customer to utilize an existing vacant retail space (such as a vacant grocery store) and deploy software, storage, sortation and order fulfillment solutions through these combinations. In fact, these combined solutions can be rapidly deployed, relocated if needed, and typically cost less than a traditional ASRS solution.

Inbound Sortation

Facilitates inbound sortation of mixed containers of items and small cases to aisle segments, for more efficient shelf stocking.

Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)

Enhances BOPIS order processing by allowing store batch picking by department or aisle.  Automated, accurate and efficient order consolidation.

Home Delivery

Facilitates home delivery orders in the same manner to allow fast processing and minimize labor and store aisle congestion.  BOPIS & e-commerce picked and sorted in the same batch, on-demand.

Automates Order Consolidation

Automates order consolidation with accuracy virtually at 100%, increasing customer service and satisfaction.

Labor Reduction

Reduces labor dramatically – Batch picking with tSort consolidation is 50% of traditional store order fulfillment.

Home Delivery Sortation

Sorts outbound home delivery packages by route or local hub destination for DDU, local carriers and other delivery methods allowing same day / next-day delivery at a pre-sort final mile introduction cost.

Grocery and Superstore

Processes room temperature, refrigerated, frozen, fresh and various product types (eggs, produce, cases of water – 98% of a grocery store or supercenter).


Flexible, modular and portable – add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, move to another site overnight.

Cost Savings

More cost-effective single store solution than ASRS.  Typically 1/10th cost, 1/10th space and 67% labor reduction.