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Last Mile Parcel Sortation Solutions: Automated, Cost-Efficient, Rapidly Deployed

Meeting today’s fulfillment expectations is expensive, especially when you’re up against labor shortages and historic e-commerce demand. E-commerce demand and customer fulfillment expectations are at an all-time high, and they’re only going to get higher. We know meeting those demands is expensive, especially when you’re up against labor shortages.

Make fulfillment your competitive advantage with a parcel sortation solution that’s flexible, scalable and cost-efficient. Today’s e-commerce demand is an unprecedented opportunity for your business’s growth– don’t let fulfillment challenges stand in the way of success.

tSort Postal and Parcel Sortation Solution:

  • – 40-50 percent lower capital investment than traditional systems
  • – 50 percent faster startups
  • – Compact footprint
  • – Scalable for peak
  • – Improve efficiency with real-time navigation control
  • – Boost labor productivity with high sort density
  • – Maximize profits with a lower headcount and shorter lead times

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