xPress™ is a dual-purpose robotic transport system.  It is used for retail / grocery store transport to deliver goods to and from the selling floor for multiple process flows.  It can also be used for a warehouse environment for tote or bulk transport of goods.  In both cases, xPress is positioned overhead to avoid floor level traffic and congestion.


When used for store-based retail, used as an overhead transport carrying totes, cases, loose items or orders to customers.  Ideal for supercenters, grocery, mall anchors, club stores or large retail.

When used in a warehouse, can carry one or more packages or cartons of varying sizes through the warehouse without interruption to floor-level operations.   Ideal for Distribution Centers and Fulfillment Centers.

Key Specifications:

Travel Speed:
Up to 1.5 m/s (5 ft/s)
Max Weight:
120 lbs load capacity
1 m/s2 (3.3 ft/s2)
Full Charge Time:
5 – 8 mins
Run Time Per Charge:
2-4 hrs
Max Product Size:
~ 30” x 25” x 20”
Delivery Mechanism:
Totes & Tilting Hopper
Induction Mode:
Automatic & Manual
Charge Method:
Battery Type:
Lithium Titanate
Battery Life:
~ 5 years
Ambient Temperature (noncondensing):
14°F – 131°F

Retail Store Applications

In its store-based mode, xPress™ is an overhead transport robot capable of carrying totes containing cases, loose items, or orders for a customer.  With its elevated design, xPress™ allows for continuous movement without disruption to floor-level activities and greatly minimizes aisle congestion, blocking of shelves by gondolas, interference for shoppers, and eliminates all shopper / machine possible interactions.


Delivers items for shelf replenishment to specific aisle segments.


Delivers completed and packages orders to customer interface location (lockers, drive up window, area for carry out or walk-in).

floor movement

Uses elevators nestled in aisle shelving structure to move goods between the floor level and the overhead xPress.


Ideally mated with a tSort™ for order sortation and fulfillment of units for customer orders and outbound sortation of e-commerce orders.


Delivers totes of picked items for BOPIS and e-commerce orders from individual aisle segments to the backroom for order fulfillment.  Allows an associate to pick all items in a single aisle for hundreds of orders as a batch and place into the xPress™ system

grocery store

Ideal for supercenters, grocery stores, mall anchors, club warehouses, or any large format retail store setting.

Warehouse Applications

In its warehouse mode, xPress™ is an overhead transport robot capable of carrying a wide variety of loads through warehouses and distribution centers with speed and accuracy.


Overhead design for continuous movement, no disruption to floor-level activities.  No traffic, congestion or movement obstacles.


Any type of DC, FC, shipping, processing environment.


Uses elevators or decline / incline sections to interact with the floor level operations.