Tompkins Warehouse Execution System

Tompkins Warehouse Execution System builds software solutions that enable the automated environments of tomorrow’s supply chain.  Our products leverage leading digital technologies that bring together people, processes and systems to improve performance and drive operational excellence.  Our tSort™, xChange™ and xPress™ robots combine with our tSort™ Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (TWES) software to ensure a robust, collaborative solution for your business.

Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (TWES) enables advanced warehouse functionality:

  • E-commerce Order Fulfillment
  • Store Replenishment
  • Wave-less or Wave based
  • Discrete and Batch Picking
  • Dynamic Work Assignment
  • Container and Unit Sortation
  • Productized solution with configurable business rules
  • Digital Platform integrates with any WMS and automation
  • Cloud based and multi-tenant solution
  • Adjustable parameters to manipulate workflow
  • Enterprise Visibility from any device browser
  • Role based access to information and control
Tompkins Warehouse Execution System

TWES enables robotic sortation:

  • Create Logical “Routes” for each sorter
  • Each sorter has its own list of routes
  • Create Groups of Routes for easy management
  • Sort criteria determines which route is selected
  • Manage every sorting location
  • Create multiple sort plans for each sorter
  • Activate sort plans on the fly
  • Assign multiple routes to same lane
  • Assign same route to multiple lanes
  • Priority options available
t-Sort and RightHand Robotics
  • Cloud Digital Platform integrates all systems and devices
  • RESTful API
  • Transformation enables legacy system interfaces
  • tWES manages operation of tSort and other MHE
  • Data Warehouse enables visibility into operations and performance
Cloud systems and devices