tSort3D – The 3D sorting tool for your business

Tompkins Robotics is excited to introduce the innovative tSort3D. Our new product greatly expands the capabilities of the tSort product suite by increasing the number of sort destinations while reducing the footprint of a system. The tSort system previously provided a very effective sortation solution. The new tSort3D allows up to 6 times the sort destinations in the same space and with the ability to do up to 20,000 items an hour in a single system. Thousands of sort destinations with this level of high volume is dramatically more advanced than the dense robotic sortation systems of the past.

As the tSort3D can be integrated into existing tSort solutions, Tompkins Robotics can now deliver sortation designs that connects thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction. Our customers can retrieve product from any storage and fulfillment media and ensure that it consolidates into the right destination with the other items for the order. This allows an extremely large batch to be picked for thousands of orders compared to other systems that only facilitate a batch of a few hundred orders.

Further, tSort3D can handle the widest range of product compared to other automated sortation solutions. The tSort and tSort3D uses a tray as the carrier, while other solutions use a cross belt. Our unique tray design ensures that round, cylindrical, and oddly shaped items are compatible with our system. In addition, tSort3D can handle wider, taller and deeper product than other dense, robotic sorters on the market.

Finally, tSort3D is modular, keeping with the Tompkins Robotics passion to deliver adaptive, flexible, and portable solutions that our customers can implement quickly and grow and change as their operational requirements evolve.


Key Specifications:

Sorting Speed:
Up to 450 Units Per Module Per Hour
Max Weight:
11 lbs load capacity
Max Product Size:
Up to 15″ x 10″ x 10″
Sort Destinations:
Over 1,000 per system
Module Destinations:
Up to 48 orders
Destination Size:
Single Module Footprint:
L 98″ x W 35″ x H 96″
Induction Mode:
Automatic or Manual

Watch the video below to learn more about the Tompkins Robotics tSort3D™ System



Expand your reach with tSort3D.  Get all of the sortation in a fraction of the floorspace, with flexible future configurations.

shelf replenishment

tSort3D can deliver thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction

Delivers completed

Modular & portable design allows the system to be expanded with no downtime within hours of the delivery of new modules.

aisle shelving structure

High sort density completes the solution delivering the market’s best unit sorter solution.

t-Sort for order sortation

While our tSort system provides a very effective sortation solution, the new tSort3D reaches new levels by increasing the number of sort destinations within a reduced footprint.

Completed orders can be removed or replaced individually or within a batch. And, a single large batch can be done for over 5,000 orders saving substantial picking labor.


Ideal for store replenishment, return sortation, eCommerce and other direct to consumer applications.