PickPal autonomous mobile robot

Tompkins Robotics’ pick assist product line offers rapid deployment and significant cost and labor reductions compared to traditional manual and AMR-based picking solutions. With multiple robot-options and configurations, customers can tailor for various order types and product mixes.  

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xChange immediately replaces any removed order container with an empty container to keep the system running at full capacity.



xChange works across with unit and parcel sortation and is the world’s first multi-level, fully autonomous, robotic system to fully automate the exit process of sortation.

Infrastructure Friendly


Coupled with the unique tSort system, xChange allows the typical 2 level tSort to go to up to 5 levels high. This saves tremendously on space or adds 150% more sort destinations in the same footprint.


Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment Efficiency


Inbound Sortation 

Facilitates inbound sortation of mixed containers of items and small cases to aisle segments, for more efficient shelf stocking.

Extensive Range of Software and Hardware Options

Facilitates home delivery orders in the same manner to allow fast processing and minimize labor and store aisle congestion. BOPIS & e-commerce picked and sorted in the same batch, on-demand.

Automates Order Consolidation

Automates order consolidation with accuracy virtually at 100%, increasing customer service and satisfaction.

Labor Reduction

Reduces labor dramatically – Batch picking with tSort consolidation is 50% of traditional store order fulfillment.

Home Delivery Sortation

Sorts outbound home delivery packages by route or local hub destination for DDU, local carriers and other delivery methods allowing same day / next-day delivery at a pre-sort final mile introduction cost.

Grocery and Superstore

Processes room temperature, refrigerated, frozen, fresh and various product types (eggs, produce, cases of water – 98% of a grocery store or supercenter).


Flexible, modular and portable – add a robot in seconds, sort destinations in hours, move to another site overnight.

Cost Savings 

More cost-effective single store solution than ASRS. Typically, customers see 1/10th cost, 1/10th space and 67% labor reduction.


Pick the perfect PickPal

Configure PickPal to perfectly align with your people and processes.


PickPal AMR


PickPal+ AMR


Extremely Configurable

Each model can be fitted with a variety of shelf and tote configurations

Trusted by our customers across the globe


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