Revolutionize Your Sortation Process


Introducing tSort3D by Tompkins Robotics, the innovative sort-to-cart option that expands the capabilities of the tSort product line. With tSort3D, businesses can add density and throughput to existing systems or include in new projects.

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Key Features of tSort3D

Experience Increased Sort Destinations

tSort3D enables up to 6 times more sort destinations in the same space compared to previous systems. This revolutionary advancement allows businesses to maximize their sortation density in the same footprint, maximizing revenue per square foot while lowering operational costs.

Achieve High Throughput

With the ability to process 20,000+ items per hour in a single system, tSort3D significantly enhances productivity and order fulfillment speed. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and delays, and hello to streamlined operations.

Enjoy Compatibility and Versatility

tSort3D's unique tray design ensures compatibility with a wide range of product types, shapes, and sizes and well as sort destination types. Whether you're sorting round, cylindrical, or oddly shaped items, tSort3D delivers unmatched versatility and performance and can sort into shipping containers, store totes, and traditional warehouse totes.

Seamless Integration

tSort3D seamlessly integrates into existing tSort solutions, allowing for thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction. This integration flexibility empowers businesses to optimize their sortation workflows and adapt to changing operational requirements with ease.


Benefits of tSort3D

Increased Efficiency

With tSort3D, businesses can achieve maximum efficiency by maximizing sortation capabilities while minimizing footprint and processing time. Experience streamlined operations and faster order fulfillment.

Improved Order Accuracy

The precision and versatility of tSort3D contribute to improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to shipping errors and returns, and hello to happy customers.

Future-Proof Solution

tSort3D's modular design ensures that businesses can adapt and grow their sortation systems as their business needs evolve. Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your operations with tSort3D.

Optimizing Fulfillment with tSort™ Applications

Expand your reach with tSort3D.

Get all of the sortation in a fraction of the floorspace, with flexible future configurations.

tSort3D can deliver thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction.

Modular & portable design allows the system to be expanded with no downtime within hours of the delivery of new modules.

High sort density completes the solution delivering the market’s best unit sorter solution.

While our tSort system provides a very effective sortation solution, the new tSort3D reaches new levels by increasing the number of sort destinations within a reduced footprint.

Completed orders can be removed or replaced individually or within a batch. And, a single large batch can be done for over 5,000 orders saving substantial picking labor.

Ideal for store replenishment, return sortation, eCommerce and other direct to consumer applications.

tSort3D by the numbers


Category Specification
Sorting Speed Up to 450 Units Per Module Per Hour
Max Weight 11 lbs load capacity
Max Product Size Up to 15″ x 10″ x 10″
Sort Destinations Over 1,000 per system
Module Destinations Up to 48 orders
Destination Size Configurable
Single Module Footprint L 98″ x W 35″ x H 96″
Induction Mode Automatic or Manual

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