Robotics Execution Software Platform

Transcend represents an expanded suite of productized software applications to further power robotics automation solutions. Combining modern and innovative technologies, Transcend offers one of the most functional, stable and cost-effective systems in the industry for improving operational efficiencies and conducting business at pace through robotics. 

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xChange immediately replaces any removed order container with an empty container to keep the system running at full capacity.



xChange works across with unit and parcel sortation and is the world’s first multi-level, fully autonomous, robotic system to fully automate the exit process of sortation.

Infrastructure Friendly


Coupled with the unique tSort system, xChange allows the typical 2 level tSort to go to up to 5 levels high. This saves tremendously on space or adds 150% more sort destinations in the same footprint.

"At Tompkins Robotics, our mission is to deliver innovative robotic solutions to solve the most challenging supply chain problems, and from our years of experience in helping customers achieve their automation goals, we know with certainty that software is the key. "

Mike Futch,
Chief Executive Officer



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A productized software suite that powers critical pharmaceutical sortation solutions, high-demand e-commerce operations and parcel and store replenishment systems. Orchestrate the integration of robotics automation and human labor to execute complex sortation workflows in any warehouse or fulfillment center.

  • Productized solution
  • Cloud hosted and on-prem options
  • Microservices architecture
  • Powerful sortation logic
  • Visibility from any device browser
  • Best-in-class infrastructure and configuration management
  • Remote site monitoring and alerting

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A modern configurable platform enabling seamless, cost-effective integrations with robotics automation. Connect robots, software systems, devices, and people to realize modern solutions that adapt and scale to your business.

  • Seamless integrations
  • Secure communication
  • Standard connectors
  • Interoperability
  • Modern tech stack
  • Software and hardware agnostic
  • Configurability, adaptability, and scale

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A mobile application allowing operators to easily and securely interact with robotics automation solutions and manage complex tasks. Bridge the gap between robots and people for a unified and high performing operation.

  • tSort and tSort3D destination management
  • Order and destination auditing
  • Operator task tracking
  • Role based access
  • Integrates securely with Transcend Orchestrate
  • Deployable via customer hosted MDM tools
  • Compatible with most Android-based mobile devices

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Introducing Transcend Robotics Execution Platform



We’re thrilled to introduce the Transcend Robotics Execution Platform, an expanded suite of software applications powering robotics automation solutions....

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Tompkins Robotics Announces Transcend Robotics Execution Platform


Tompkins Robotics, a leader in innovative robotics automation solutions, today announced the launch of a new set of integrated software applications, the Transcend Robotics Execution Platform...

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