Optimized & deployed across the entire supply chain


Effective supply chain networks design their facilities with efficient flow and scalable operations in mind.

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Store Replenishment

Modern distribution and fulfillment advancements enable retailers to boost throughput and reduce costs and errors in product sortation.


E-Commerce Fulfillment

Consumer demand boosts global trade, innovation; COVID-19 accelerates online shopping, affects e-commerce tech. tSort™ AMR with robotics, software essential for integrated, automated supply chain.


PickAssist Order Fulfillment

Easily fitting in existing backroom spaces without construction or expansion costs, this portable system requires no permits and can be installed within a week.


Reverse Logistics

Effective supply chain networks design their facilities with efficient flow and scalable operations in mind. Inbound and Returns are two key areas of operation that could benefit greatly from automation.


Parcel Sortation

Centralized control, monitoring, and optimization of AMRs across multiple warehouse locations.


Micro Fulfillment

Tompkins Robotics’ tSort solution offers rapid, cost-effective micro-fulfillment in existing spaces, complementing ASRS with faster deployment, no construction costs, and integration with xPress for enhanced goods transport, transforming retail into efficient fulfillment centers.


Kitting Solutions

The challenges posed by manual kitting processes are all too familiar: labor-intensive tasks, time-consuming operations, and a heightened risk of errors. However, with Tompkins Robotics' Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), these challenges become opportunities for transformation.


Goods to Person

Tompkins Robotics’ Goods to Person system automates tote handling, enhancing storage density and flow in racking structures, significantly boosting efficiency in picking, storing, and item delivery through automation.

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