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tSort™ is an innovative, track-free sortation system utilizing independent robots that can swiftly navigate to any divert or induction station, significantly boosting efficiency and flexibility. This modular system contrasts traditional sorters by allowing instant, disruption-free adjustments to its components, negating excess capacity issues and large initial investments. Quick to install, typically within 5-7 months, tSort is also fully portable, enabling overnight relocation for added versatility.

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The tSort Advantage

The modular, efficient, and agile system from Tompkins Robotics

Maximum efficiency

Robot navigation via real-time control to ensure movement along the most efficient path.

Space utilization 

Requires 25 percent or less space when compared to traditional sortation systems.

Labor productivity

High sort density in compact space results in larger batches for greater picking efficiency and productivity.

Complete modularity

Robots can be easily added at any time to increase throughput and all system components are modular for simple expansion and reconfiguration.

Ultimate flexibility

Unit and parcel sortation can be used separately or simultaneously, and the system is fully portable, configurable and scalable with no fixed infrastructure or permitting.

Lower capital investment

Robots cost 40 to 50 percent less than a traditional tilt tray or cross-belt system and can be purchased and installed as needed to postpone investment and enable complete utilization of the asset.

Higher Capacity

Multi-level design can more than double the volume, sort points and capacity in a single footprint.

Faster startups 

Implementation is typically ½ the lead time for traditional fixed track systems.

Higher ROI

Lower investment, shorter lead times, faster implementation, reduced space, lower headcount, and incremental expansion/capital expenditures – all drive greater than 2X increase in ROI.

Redundancy & risk mitigation


No single point of failure anywhere in the system. The system has mirrored servers, redundant infrastructure and an uninterruptible power supply backup.


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Enhancing Efficiency in Distribution



The little yellow robot that changed everything.

The original tSort model is ideal for items less than 33 pounds and packages up to 26x18 inches. tSort is perfect for e-commerce, retail, shipping and other applications.


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The bigger little yellow robot.


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Mini size, maxi productivity.

tSort Mini sorts items up to 10x7 inches and 5 pounds.  Ideally suited for jewelry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other smaller, lighter products.

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