autonomous mobile robot

Tompkins PickPallet is an autonomous pallet jack that offers case-to-pallet pick assisting and pallet movement throughout a warehouse.

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xChange immediately replaces any removed order container with an empty container to keep the system running at full capacity.



xChange works across with unit and parcel sortation and is the world’s first multi-level, fully autonomous, robotic system to fully automate the exit process of sortation.

Infrastructure Friendly


Coupled with the unique tSort system, xChange allows the typical 2 level tSort to go to up to 5 levels high. This saves tremendously on space or adds 150% more sort destinations in the same footprint.

PickPallet enhances warehouse operations with:

  • Intelligent order optimization
  • Intuitive space management
  • Increased warehouse safety
  • Advanced navigation software
PickPallet in warehouse

Space Optimization

Maneuvers in tight spaces more efficiently than traditional forklifts or manual pallet jacks, maximizing every square inch of the warehouse.

Precision and Consistency

Pallets are moved accurately and safely, eliminating misplaced or damaged goods. 

Improved Warehouse Safety

Utilizes advanced navigation to streamline paths throughout the warehouse while avoiding obstacles or collisions.

Adaptable to Inventory

Handles both closed and open loop pallets and fits standard US, European and Australian pallet sizes

Robust Lifting Power

Offers a lifting height of 4 inches and a maximum load capacity of 1500kg/3300 lbs.

Extended Longevity

Quickly charges from 30%- 80% in 30 minutes and runs for 6 hours. 


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