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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Tompkins Robotics and our sortation solutions are proof of our continued commitment to it. We are proud to introduce our newest industry solution, the tSortLift. Our new tSortLift is brought to life by world-class R&D, enhancing the market’s most flexible sortation system.

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tSortLift increases induction rates dramatically.

The tSortLift allows a manual operator to ergonomically induct to a multi-level system at industry leading speeds. The lift creates conditions that are comfortable for longer periods for associates. Each lift can perform at 600+ inducts per hour delivering operator induction rates of 1,200 UPH with a 2-lift induction station. The tSortLift can go up to 5 sortation levels high further reducing the footprint of a traditional two level tSort system.

The tSortLift along with our xChange solution creates a new capability for fulfillment and sortation by taking a one-level sortation system to greater heights. When integrated, the tSortLift and xChange can take a system with 1,000 sort destinations from 1 level to 4 levels with 2,000 destinations and reduce the need for additional space by 45%. It’s now possible to generate more volume in a single system as tSort robots can be spread across more surface area. This allows greater throughput capabilities and creates larger batch pick opportunities for an order fulfillment system.

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Benefits of the tSortLift

Increased Efficiency

The tSortLift creates operational conditions that are more comfortable for longer periods of time even at high UPH.

Fastest ROI

The tSortLift is low cost, can be deployed quickly and provide better fulfillment flow. This gives you the industry’s quickest ROI in robotics sortation.


The tSortLift paired with xChange can take a system with 1,000 sort destinations from 1 level to 4 levels with 2,000 destinations and reduce the need for additional space.


The tSortLift can go up to 5 levels high meaning adding levels doesn’t require a system to take up more space.

Labor Safety

State-of-the-art safety features are built in meaning the tSortLift does not move until the operator’s hands retract out of the light curtain entrance.

Infrastructure Friendly

Coupled with the unique tSort system or xChange allows the typical 2 level tSort to go to up to 5 levels high. Adding levels and capacity is significantly increased.

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