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Tompkins Robotics focuses on robotic automation of distribution and fulfillment operations. Beginning over five years ago with our robotic sortation solution, tSort™, we have continued to develop innovative solutions to provide our customers’ unmatched flexibility and capacity throughout their supply chain processes. We have added solutions upstream, like our Pick Assist AMR, PickPal, as well as downstream, with the only automated takeaway unit from a unit sorter robot, xChange. Our warehouse execution systems, tWES, links all these technologies and provides a broad solution set for our customers.

Tompkins Robotics continues to evolve and enhance our customers’ operations with solutions that maximize modularity, floorspace, flexibility, and speed of implementation and our RaaS financing option allows for customers to see an even faster ROI to make them more successful in todays’ dynamic marketplace. Additional information available at www.tompkinsrobotics.com

Watch the video below to learn more about the robust applications and unique capabilities of the tSort system.

Executive Team

The Tompkins Robotics leadership team includes some of the best minds in the industry.  Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and decades of hands-on experience improving supply chain performance and increasing profitability for a diverse range of companies, from small startups to big-box retailers.

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Mike Futch

Mike Futch



Mike is the President, CEO and one of the original leaders that has created Tompkins Robotics and brought the tSort sortation system to life for global customers. tSort is the world’s leading robotic, truly scalable, portable, and intelligently adaptable automated sortation system that is changing the way firms execute in their supply chains. He has been involved from day one in the evolution of this unique and innovative system – recognizing the potential, designing the applications, and creating the value proposition for Tompkins Robotics’ customers. He continues to lead the design and forward movement of the company. He drives much of the new application development, new product conceptualization, and the integration with partners solving unique problems with complimentary robotic automation. His focus is to deliver Tompkins Robotics and its systems to customers across the globe to maximize their service, performance, and operations in ways never before thought possible. Mike has had a long, successful, prior career in the US Air Force and as a leader in consulting practices at several firms. He now brings that same level of success to the leadership of Tompkins Robotics and its customers.

Rick Kaminska

Rick Kaminska

Vice President


Rick is responsible for software product strategy and execution at Tompkins Robotics, with a focus on enabling robotics automation for distribution and fulfillment applications. He works closely with major clients, partners and prospects to define product features and requirements for Tompkins Robotics solutions, and he oversees all software product lifecycle functions. Rick’s primary technical areas include warehouse execution, machine to machine interoperability, and systems integration. He has over 20 years of experience with supply chain software systems and material handling automation.

Prior to joining Tompkins Robotics, Rick served as Director of Software Systems for Tompkins International, a worldwide leader in total supply chain consulting and integration. Rick specialized in systems integration strategies for large-scale distribution and fulfillment centers, and he was responsible for product development of Tompkins’ warehouse control system and MHE automation software (TCS). Prior to Tompkins, Rick served as a senior software engineer and systems analyst for Ensco, an engineering, science and advanced technology solutions company.

Rick has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida

Jeffrey Kaplan

Jeffrey Kaplan

EVP-Corporate Development & CFO


Kaplan has 30 years experience as a CFO with 23 of those years working with public companies. During his career, Kaplan has been directly responsible for closing over $1.4 billion in transactions, including underwritten public offerings (four IPOs), PIPEs, acquisitions and bank financings. As EVP and CFO at Rare Medium Group, Kaplan completed a $186 million underwritten public offering and more than $70 million in private placement funding. Throughout his career as a CFO, Kaplan has been responsible for building and developing corporate finance and administrative staff to handle growth, and he has implemented budgeting and forecasting disciplines to manage growth. During Kaplan’s tenure at Clabir Corporation, a conglomerate that owned 37 restaurants and 100 convenience stores, the company brought the popular KlondikeÔ ice cream bar to the national market and subsequently spun-off Klondike as a separate public company.

Kaplan also has substantial experience implementing and managing successful investor relations campaigns and coordinated securities analyst coverage for a number of public companies. Kaplan has experience in financial leadership, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations for public and emerging-growth companies.

Kaplan holds a Master’s of Business Administration with distinction from the New York University Stern School of Business, where he was elected a charter member of Beta Gamma Sigma (National Business Honor Society), and a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University.

Prior to joining Tompkins, Serstad managed the acquisition of a Flextronics factory, and subsequently was responsible for operations and business development. Upon joining Tompkins, he drove the expansion of the firm’s Asia practice into warehouse design and material handling equipment.

Bruce Baring

Bruce Baring

Vice President


Bruce Baring is a Vice President with Tompkins Robotics and works with our clients to define requirements, develop solutions, and establish the business case for deploying our tSort solutions. tSort is the world’s first robotic, truly scalable, portable, and intelligently adaptable automated sortation system that is changing the way firms execute in their supply chains. In the role of concept development, Baring brings a practical approach to creating the most flexible automated solution tailored to addressing our clients’ business needs as they evolve and grow to maximize their return on invested capital.

Baring began his supply chain consulting career with Tompkins in 1995 and has recently joined the Tompkins Robotics team after working for several other consulting and engineering firms. 

Throughout his career, Baring has helped companies across all industry verticals transform and improve their supply chain performance through network optimization, distribution center design, and the deployment of automated solutions.

Baring has a BSIE in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from UNC-Greensboro.

Thompson Brockmann

Thompson Brockmann

EVP, Operations


Thompson Brockmann is an instrumental Tompkins Robotics team member.

Since joining Tompkins International in 1995, Brockmann has developed extensive experience in the design and implementation of distribution networks and fulfillment centers in eCommerce, 3PL, consumer goods, retail, and apparel. He has played lead roles in developing strategic master plans, justifying systems and equipment, detailed facility planning and specification, and managing the implementation process for clients.

In Brockmann’s current role as Vice President at Tompkins Robotics, he oversees the full life cycle, from solutions development post go-live owner transition of tSort, integrated material handling systems, and other automated solutions. Brockmann uses his over 20 years of experience in distribution and fulfillment system designs and implementation to deliver his clients with Tompkins Robotics solutions that maximize their service, performance, and operations in ways never before thought possible.

Brockmann received his B.S. and Master’s in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Jim Serstad

Jim Serstad

Vice President, Product Development


Jim Serstad, Vice President of Product Development ensures that Tompkins Robotics is always on the leading edge of warehouse robotics. He is responsible for developing the mechanical, electrical, and software elements of the tSort system.

Through several partnerships that Serstad developed with key robotics and material handling technologies, tSort integrates with upstream and downstream warehouse processes. He leads the internal efforts to take concepts from the drawing board to reality including the detail design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and finally the product commercialization, stabilization, certification, introduction, and refinement in the marketplace. He also oversees the writing and management of the many patents and patents pending that are held by Tompkins Robotics both in the US and globally.

Prior to joining Tompkins, Serstad managed the acquisition of a Flextronics factory, and subsequently was responsible for operations and business development. Upon joining Tompkins, he drove the expansion of the firm’s Asia practice into warehouse design and material handling equipment. During Serstad’s 15-year tenure in China, his team discovered a ground-breaking sortation technology. In 2016, he moved back to the US to help introduce this sorting technology to the US.

Serstad has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Purdue University.

Sean O'Farrell

Sean O’Farrell

Vice President, Operations


Sean is responsible for Tompkins Robotics Micro Fulfillment Center “MFC” solutions to the Retail sector. Today’s business world is about speed, accuracy, and convenience, which tSort addresses in cost-effective, flexible, simple solutions. Sean has over 25 years of automated material handling experience.

Prior to joining Tompkins Robotics, Sean served as Global Market Development Director at Dematic Corp for 10 years covering Grocery, Food, Beverage and Wholesale B2B markets. Additional roles include Business Development, Strategy and Marketing at Witron & Daifuku.

Michael Carmody

Michael Carmody

Vice President, RaaS Business Development and Sales


As Vice President of RaaS Business Development and Sales, Michael Carmody brings more than 24 years of Supply Chain expertise deploying engineered solutions and technology applications across North America and Mexico. With a focus on the third-party logistics market, Michael is tasked to chart a compelling roadmap for the Robots as a Service subscription offerings recently unveiled by the company.

Prior to joining Tompkins Robotics, Carmody led 3PL Business Development for AutoStore North America; delivered software transformation as Principal Consultant in transportation system implementations with enVista, and led cloud TMS implementations for MercuryGate. Carmody has established a track record of effective supply chain design and optimization success across Fortune 500 networks. Michael is fluent in English, with working Spanish skills. Carmody is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Masters in Geography focused on logistic networks optimization and earned a Bachelors from Carthage College. Additionally, he co-founded a non-profit organization providing supply chain leverage for smaller organizations helping communities rebuild after natural disasters.

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